By abstracting away the complexities of the underlying platform and infrastructure layers, "Data Lake" systems offer a ready-to-use cloud service.

A Data Lake is a type of raw storage that is used to store enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data. Before datasets are utilized for analytics, a data lake is frequently used to collect raw data in its native format.

“Data Lake” is a pre-built cloud service that hides the underlying platform and infrastructure layers’ complexity. The platform enables everyone in the organization/business to construct his/her own data lake without having to install or manage the technology themselves, and to take advantage of the benefits of data analytics. Data Lake offers enterprise big data processing on the cloud for faster and more efficient business results at a lower cost.

Data Lake easily stores all types of structured and unstructured data. This data includes everything from clickstreams, social media feeds, audio/video, machine data, logs, sensor data, CRM or ERP exports, RDBMS or NoSQL exports, and so on. Make your datasets open for use by any app or application at any moment, and you’ll be able to gain unprecedented business insights.


Our Approach to Product Strategy

HDFS Native Integration
  • Through the binary HDFS protocol, Hadoop-compatible applications (Spark, Kafka, Drill, Flink, NoSQL DBs) can access our data lake service.
Data Warehouse Modernization
  •  Many enterprises require modernization of their existing DWH solutions, which IAF BUSINESS can assist with.
Replication at the File Level
  • Replication is set up on a file-by-file basis. This allows you to specify the level of protection for your most critical data.
Security at the Enterprise Level
  • Data Lake enforces data security with data in transit encryption and Kerberos-based authentication.
Files of any size are supported
  • There are no limitations
Exceptional Throughput
  • Data flows freely and rapidly reaches mission-critical applications that require massive volumes of data to be processed in an instant.