Data Warehouse

Our Data Warehouse Services include data warehouse migration services, data modelling and architecting, data integration, enterprise data management services data governance performance, and managed services.

We understand the complexities of data warehousing and guarantee that attention to detail is maintained by adding distinct and vital components in the process.

IAF offers data warehouse services for Legacy Data Warehouse Modernization, Workload Modernization Automation Strategy, and Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization.

Easily find analyze, and offload data from a conventional Data Warehouse to Apache Hadoop. Scalable and analytics-enabled Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions can help you align IT with your business goals.

  • Data Warehouse Modernization on AWS, Azure, and On-Premises
  • Cloud Datawarehouse Using Big Query and Snowflake
  • Data Warehouse Workload Migration
  • Big Data Warehouse Implementation

Our Approach to Product Strategy

Data Strategy
  • We design a data strategy that meets the needs of both business and IT users It ensures that your data warehouse is always up to date and fulfills your business demands.
Architecture Design and Modelling
  • Through the design and architecture of your data warehouse, you may chart a route to fulfil the needs of both business and IT users. This ensures that your data warehouse is always up to date and satisfies your business requirements.
End-to-end implementation
  •  Our practitioners are skilled at implementing purpose-built data marts, enterprise data warehouses, or federated data warehouses that serve as a solid foundation for your business requirements.
Data Warehouse Optimisation
  • We evaluate your current data warehouse and provide optimisation solutions that are in line with your business objectives, support, and performance needs.