Creating a structure that is more stable, extensible, and economical.

We develop software that helps businesses become more productive, profitable, and environmentally responsible. Because of its ability to substantially reduce development time, agile development has quickly become IAF Businesses preferred technique for creating new software.

The time savings have allowed software development teams to be more efficient, and the quicker rollout of digital products has improved the quality of life for consumers.

Technology Transformation Services:

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our technology transformation services give our clients the advantage they need to operate profitably. Our experts assist in easing the strain associated with difficult transitions by adhering to best practices and accepted protocol.

  • Evaluation and analysis of knowledge management and consulting platforms
  • Delivery Process Improvement
  • Governance and portfolio management of technology

Business Transformation Services:

Our advising team has extensive knowledge of the whole business and value chain:

  • Process evaluation, process definition, and process redesign
  • Analyze and apply the operating model
  • IT Architecture Vision: Implement Business Performance Management
  • Conduct a “AS-IS” analysis
  • Analyze the “TO-DO” list

Business Transformation Services:

enables businesses to accomplish their IT goals and objectives, which will help them more effectively accomplish their entire business goals and objectives. Our services include the whole range of essential IT building blocks required for an efficient transformation, such as:

  • IT governance and strategy
  • software choice
  • M&A Due diligence in IT
  • Strategy, implementation, and support for applications as a service CIO
  • Services for digital transformation, such as Industry 4.0
  • Implement/ Introduce a modern IT architecture
  • Establish and implement a governance model for IT architecture.

Our Service include