Technology will play a crucial role in assisting businesses in meeting new challenges and gaining a competitive edge.

Microsoft technology is crucial to most companies’ IT plans due to its reliability and reputation for innovation. IAF Businesses expertise in Microsoft products and solutions is unparalleled because to our long-standing collaboration with the company and our team of devoted specialists.

We have extensive experience implementing Microsoft solutions to satisfy the demands of a wide range of enterprises, whether they are large or small, commercial or public sector.

Our expertise extends throughout the full Microsoft product line and covers the following:

  • Information Technology Essentials: Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies, and Management Software
  • Email and other collaboration: Software are crucial for maintaining communication and productivity in the workplace.
  • Data management: Is the process of collecting, organizing, and disseminating information so that better decisions may be made.
  • Productivity: Increase output and give workers the resources they need to deliver high-quality work with productivity.
  • Data Security: Your company is at risk if sensitive information is leaked. Maintain the security of your company’s data systems.
  • Storage Backup: Storage Protecting data from loss or theft is the primary focus of backup systems.
  • Mobile Working: Allow your staff to work from anywhere at any time with “mobile working.”
  • Cloud: Cloud computing, on-premise, or a mixture of both? Choose what’s right for your business

We have the Microsoft knowledge to help you, whether you need particular support, help integrating Microsoft products into a larger solution, or just some general guidance. When it comes to the complexities of Microsoft software agreements for your preferred technology, our devoted software licensing team is here to assist you negotiate, and our managed services team can handle full or partial management of your final Microsoft solution.

We assist you in making use of the Windows Azure Platform’s elastic computing and storage capabilities. Hosting collaborative systems, running large data applications, and moving programs out of overburdened data centers are all ideal use cases for this. We provide architects for strategy, pre-built techniques for development, and an open environment to explore Azure operations so that you can design, build, and run software for enterprise development with minimal time to value.

Since the advent of a shaky economy and ever-increasing business complexities, businesses of all sizes have been making concerted efforts to reduce expenses and boost productivity and operational efficiency, with the majority of these efforts resulting in a well-planned migration of IT resources to the cloud. Businesses can profit from our services in Microsoft Azure Development as cloud migration is not a simple process and requires experience and in-depth understanding.

You get the whole shebang when it comes to cloud services: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Virtual Machines, App Service, SQL database, Storage, DocumentDB, Backup, Visual Studio Team Services, and the Azure IoT Hub are all components of the Azure platform. Site Restore, ML, and a lot more – Microsoft Azure is an expanding set of interconnected cloud services that developers and IT pros may use to create, deploy, and manage applications over Microsoft’s global network of more than 38 data centers.

We do the whole thing for you: analysis, design, development, testing, and system integration in ASP.Net.

To help businesses continuously innovate and create important differentiators, our team of skilled developers offers strategic and transformational ASP.NET Core development capabilities and expertise. We pool our technological knowledge to assist in the development of new capabilities, such as the transfer of old desktop programs or the maintenance of software during its full lifespan.

  • ASP.NET Core – Web Application: Develop high-end and full-featured custom ASP.NET Core applications tailored to meet business requirements.
  • ASP.NET Core – 3rd Party Integration: Increase functionality and customization of .Net Core application with ASP.NET core integration services.
  • ASP.NET Core – Migration: We also migrate your legacy applications to reliable mobile apps by retaining their core functionalities.
  • ASP.NET Core – App Maintenance: Our reliable application maintenance & support services help applications run without any functionality errors or glitches.
  • Web API Development: We excel in WebAPI development for performance leveraging built-in functionality such as architecture & design patterns.

Cloud Application Development: Comprehensive integration of applications with cloud services like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS for access to all information.

IAF Business facilitates a smooth and safe transition to Office365, a cloud-based productivity and collaboration solution that includes Microsoft’s Office Professional suite as well as Exchange, Skype for Business Online, and SharePoint. We advise clients on how to strike a balance between cloud and on-premises resources.

Office365 services include:

  • Onsite Dedicated Helpdesk
  • End user migration services
  • Migration Services – Multi-Platform
  • Managed Services for 365
  • Roadmap / Tenant assessment

Microsoft SQL Server’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past few years, and it is now widely considered the go-to database management system for both custom and pre-packaged software due to its low cost and extensive feature set. The widespread use of SQL Server has led to multiple instances of the database server being deployed across a company, each on its own set of hardware.

There are risks of uncoordinated installations, a lack of standardization, and security flaws because of the SQL Server Sprawl. Costs also rise because it’s impossible to tell how many servers and licenses are in use.

By utilizing the extensive technical knowledge and expertise based on our ties with Microsoft, IAF Business can assist organizations in saving money, optimizing license and administrative expenses, and achieving a higher ROI from their SQL deployments.

The IT department’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the establishment of a safe environment for teamwork, allowing employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to work together from different offices and locations as if they were in the same room.

IAF Business uses Microsoft SharePoint technology to assist clients in realizing this vision by facilitating the smart discovery, sharing, and collaboration of content across geographically dispersed teams and organizations.

Using SharePoint technology, IAF Business has assisted numerous clients worldwide in developing collaboration platforms like:

Corporate Intranet Portal: A corporate intranet portal is similar to a meeting space or seminar that everyone attends where they may find news, events, tasks, and other company information that they may need to complete their jobs.
-effective communication without organizational or geographic boundaries
-Unified access to all company internal services, including tasks, workflows, version management, and search
-Recommendations on the most recent and important concepts, ideas, and resources
Document Storage and Workflow: Instead of saving documents on individual hard drives, teams and employees can store and share them on SharePoint, which can be utilized as an internal document storage system. If they have an authorization, anyone with access to a device can access any document stored on SharePoint at any time. Using SharePoint, team members can edit documents concurrently and save their changes so that everyone can access the most recent versions of the document and work on them. Additionally, Softline assists in setting up a comprehensive document management workflow.
Collaboration: Teams may work on projects and documents in real-time using SharePoint as a collaboration engine within the company. Users can always access the most recent information and versions of the documents from any place, using any device, and over any network. IAF Business assists customers in maximizing the potential of “any” SharePoint feature to increase productivity and efficiency.
Content Management System: Using the SharePoint platform, IAF Business has assisted clients in developing a solid content management system for their external websites. Customers can use the platform to securely grant certain members of their company access to make modifications to the external website.

In today’s flexible, dynamic, and fast-paced environment, customer happiness is no longer the bar that businesses should strive to achieve. Customer Delight is the new standard.

In order to ensure that the customer has the greatest experience possible at all times, organizations can manage the full customer lifecycle with the aid of a powerful CRM solution, from identification to acquisition and, if necessary, separation.

IAF Business works with clients to create solid CRM platforms based on Microsoft Dynamics. For the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provide a full range of services, including initial evaluation and implementation as well as training, technical support, and hosting. In addition to assisting clients with the deployment of the individual Microsoft Dynamics components listed below, we also have the skills and knowledge to assist in creating an integrated platform that combines all of the components and, if necessary, design add-ons:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales: Turn relationships into revenue with digital intelligence in every deal
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Earn customers for life with world-class customer service
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations: Make data-driven decisions for smarter, more efficient operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service: Optimize your scheduling and use predictive tools to master the service call
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation: Create more profitable customer relationships using intelligent tools
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Deliver powerful customer experiences
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights: Give employees the relevant insights they need to better understand and engage with customers