Technology will play a crucial role in assisting businesses in meeting new challenges and gaining a competitive edge.

IAF Business has demonstrated that an effective customer relationship management strategy and reliable software go hand in hand. Our team works with you at any level of the Salesforce deployment to help you reach this objective, from consulting and platform tweaking to developing custom solutions and providing user training.


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We make Salesforce Implementation Simple and Cost-Effective for our Customers with an Effective Team of Experienced and Certified Consultants. On the Salesforce platform, we can also assist you in reinventing your existing legacy systems. We discuss the following.

Defining business objectives: Salesforce consulting enables you to quickly and effectively address your difficulties, whether you need to automate your sales and customer service-related operations or minimize the length of your case resolution or sales cycle.

Map business objectives to Salesforce features: Once your company’s goals are clear, you may map business objectives to Salesforce functionalities. It’s now time to decide which Salesforce capability (either standard or bespoke) will help you accomplish them.

Choosing the best Salesforce edition to recommend: Choosing the best Salesforce edition. By selecting the appropriate edition, you may handle your company’s difficulties without paying for more features. We evaluate your needs and recommend an edition that will be a perfect fit for your company.

Designing sales, customer service, and marketing processes: Using the Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds to design sales, customer service, and marketing processes. For instance, we use Salesforce to automate workflows for sales and customer service, build individualized customer journeys, target advertising campaigns, and much more to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives.

Establishing a user adoption strategy: designing a user adoption strategy. We provide a user adoption strategy that includes iterative user training, prompt user support from the Salesforce admin, release notes, and incentives for proficient Salesforce users in order to assist your users in learning the new system.


  • We create dependable and error-free apps that enable Salesforce to completely meet the business needs of our customers or their clients in terms of enhancing or transforming sales, marketing, and customer care procedures. We also create apps that are well-liked by a broad user base and excel on AppExchange.
  • Applications made specifically for internal use: Complex applications that significantly expand Salesforce’s capability. They meet the need for restructuring or upgrading internal company processes that cannot be handled by ordinary CRM features. applications for delivery planning or property management, for instance.

Small programs to handle a specific set of Salesforce functions, like lead assignment and document generation.

Applications designed to be listed on the AppExchange and generate their own revenue. Applications to integrate a business’s product (a cloud platform, a web application, etc.) with Salesforce are to be offered on AppExchange.
We assist you in exceeding your goals –

  • You will be guided through the process by one of our knowledgeable and competent Salesforce consultants.
  • Knowledge of Custom
  • Applications for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud


The Salesforce Administrator role is the pinnacle of the Salesforce career ladder. Salesforce administrators ensure that the platform runs smoothly and is used effectively across an organization. IAF Businesses Salesforce Administrators are highly trained and prepared to help your business get the most out of Salesforce.

The administration of our Salesforce instance can be roughly broken down into five distinct time frames.

On-Demand Service:
  • When a user forgets their password, our administrators are happy to reset it and/or unlock their account.
  • Problems with things like Single Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and Certificates are handled for you.
  • They aid in the incorporation of approved IP addresses into your system.
  • You may rely on their assistance while you alter or build upon existing Salesforce reports.
  • Troubleshooting email campaigns, workflows, auto-responders, and approval processes that may result in bounced emails is their responsibility.
  • They take pleasure in fine-tuning or using pre-existing access privileges and sharing rules so that you can efficiently see and modify records.
  • Administrators can assist with correcting data records if record types have been assigned to them or if ownership has restricted access to them.
Recurring Weekly Services
  • A weekly snapshot of your system data and attachments would be taken, processed, and stored on the Salesforce platform by the platform’s administrator. All history tables and this sort of information are kept for at least 90 days.
  • To prevent duplicate data sets, they assist in operating data de-duplication systems like Demand Tools and Ring Lead.
  • They take pleasure in monitoring data adoption and quality.
  • Monitor APEX queues and time-sensitive workflow to make sure the system is not overloaded.
  • Whenever a user is locked out, an unusual IP address is detected, or an error occurs during login, they immediately investigate the login history table.
  • They are responsible for deactivating users who no longer need access to SFDC because they have left the company or changed roles.
    If a worker’s role or territory changes, it is their responsibility to ensure that the relevant records are transferred to the new employee.
  • The import of leads and contacts into the CRM system is neglected.
    Workflows and approval cycles can have their escalation and delegation chains altered at their discretion.
  • All APEX tests in your system will be run by them, allowing you to quickly identify problems after making changes to triggers, validation rules, or data cleanup.
Monthly Maintenance Services
  • Each month, the administrators would update your drop-down menu options and any other fields that needed updating.
  • Field utilization reports will be run and new data pollution sources will be identified with their assistance.
  • Before renewing your sandboxes, they use Eclipse to create a full metadata backup of both your sandbox images and your primary system image.
  • They should also update your sandboxes and coordinate the times of these refreshes with the developers who use the relevant sandbox.
    They would learn everything there is to know about’s top-priority fixes and implement them in your own system.
    If you have an integration server or associated applications, they will back up the error logs in those places.
  • They must ensure that all systems and applications that interact with SFDC have had their data backed up.
  • You can use them to run Salesforce Data Loader or other data extraction programs, which will help you extract the data related to your custom settings and compare it to the relevant files from the prior month.
  • The administrators would know the names of all custom settings, so they could check for necessary changes in object definitions by comparing the current custom settings information with exports of metadata in Eclipse from the previous month.
  • If a custom setting object does not already include a “notes” field, they will add one for you.
  • They are also accountable for reviewing your Salesforce CRM email activity logs and spotting any suspicious behavior.
Services Delivered every three months:
  • The members of your Salesforce Communities and Partner Portals are managed by the administrators.
  • Your system administrator would set up an audit log in CSV format, which they could then download.
  • To find out which Salesforce reports haven’t been seen in over six months, they’d run a report. The reports are then concealed from users but not erased from the system after they have been identified.
  • They are in charge of generating the “Roles by Profile” report, which will show you which roles and profiles have no users.
  • They like to spend time investigating the altered and newly introduced pick-list options for particular fields in your system.
  • By using Field Trip and Easy Describe on each table, they may get a general idea of how well the object model in your system is holding up.
  • Weekly data snapshots older than 90 days are archived (not deleted).
Annual Recurring Services:
  • Your system’s audit trail will be maintained for more than a year thanks to the archiving of all field history tables by the system administrators.
  • In order to comply with all of your organization’s email/document retention regulations, they will regularly archive or delete selected documents, tasks, and emails from your system.
  • For legal, auditing, and compliance purposes, they would save pertinent Chatter histories.
  • They also aid in the process of revising system road maps, providing succinct summaries of upcoming upgrades and feature additions that will aid in the achievement of organizational objectives.


When it comes to managing a CRM system, data is crucial. The client database is the central hub around which your team members conduct all other business activities. It is crucial that you take care of data management to ensure the success of your business.

We’ll help you quickly, easily, and effectively manage your complex database. Our Salesforce Data Loader services can be modified to fit any business.

Data Loader’s platform is simple and secure

Since our specialists will only utilize your existing Salesforce credentials to log in and perform any necessary tasks. You won’t have to worry about downloading any extra software because of us. Using only your Salesforce credentials also guarantees the safety of your sensitive information.

Smart Data Mapping

With our assistance, you’ll be able to map data sets from their original files to the appropriate Salesforce fields in record time. Features like keyboard shortcuts, search filters, and auto-mapping assist with this sort of data mapping.

Eliminating Duplicate Effort

We work hard to lessen the burden of database management on your staff. In order to save you time and effort, we use Salesforce Dataloader to export all associated objects and information in a single pull.

Connecting to Appropriate Third-Party Services

We make it simple to import and export your data to and from services like Dropbox, Box, SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Scheduled Data Managment Service

Tasks linked to data management can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and we can assist you do so. Users will be informed of upcoming duties, and you’ll be able to get things done on time.
One of the most significant benefits of using Salesforce Data Loader is that it allows you to manage your data on the cloud. If you let us, we can make Salesforce Cloud a more versatile and secure platform for your business. Additionally, with queues, history, and operation logs, cloud-based management would make platform administration much easier.

Use of State-of-the-Art Capabilities

We are firm believers in making the most of technological resources and keeping up with the times. When you hire us, we’ll leverage cutting-edge capabilities to load data into Salesforce. Among these are a “Automapper” that can link together all related fields on the platform, Large Volume API support, and a powerful Function Library for complex data transformations within the program.


You can get the most out of your customer relationship management data and utilize it to give your customers individualized care with our assistance in implementing the cutting-edge Salesforce Lightning platform. True to its name, Salesforce Lightning development can help your company streamline its operations and maximize its output in accordance with your specific needs.

You and your sales staff will be able to free up enough time and energy to focus on more pressing matters thanks to the increased automation made possible by our Salesforce Lightning development services.

What we provide is:

To better serve your customers, consider upgrading to Salesforce Lightning from the more basic Salesforce Classic. All of these resources focus on enhancing the shopping process for your clients. Use hyper-targeting to reach your clients with relevant media based on their unique characteristics. The platform facilitates the collection of customer information and its subsequent application in the delivery of services that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each individual user.
In addition, the platform automates the delivery of timely, relevant messages to your clientele. In this way, you can rest assured that you are engaging in efficient means of marketing and sales communication.

An Enhanced User Interface for Greater Productivity:

Use a sophisticated and straightforward user interface to carry out a wide variety of advertising and selling tasks. An intuitive user interface streamlines numerous operational procedures, including task creation, event management, call logging, client communication, and document management.
In order to manage your leads, contacts, cases, opportunities, and accounts handled by your team, you can take use of the streamlined interface made possible by Salesforce Lightning development.
You may increase your workplace’s adaptability and productivity with Lightning Cloud’s seamless mobile customization. Use a mobile app to gain access to all the key features, ensuring that your team members can log in from anywhere at any time, with their actions being tracked in real time.
Because of the intuitive interface provided by our Salesforce Lightning development services, you may have Lightning pages rendered on your mobile device and carry out a wide range of tasks without worrying about the platform your team is using.
Create sophisticated and automatic reports and dashboards to summarize your team’s efforts and examine them on a single platform. We assist you in developing business-appropriate dashboards with more than two or three filterable columns.
Improve the process of producing, amending, and viewing personalized reports with new tools that offer a more pleasant viewing experience and allow the reports to show more with less text. Senior leadership can use these reports to acquire a bird’s-eye view of the company and make informed decisions.

Build Superior List Views:

See your CRM information in its most useful format with the help of custom-built, interactive lists. To better slice your data and handle it systematically, utilize filters that are both conventional and novel to narrow your focus.

Performance Ease:

Don’t stress if nobody on your team is a computer science whiz. Several crucial tasks will be a breeze with the help of our Salesforce Lightning development services.
With the intuitive drag-and-drop tools included into Salesforce Lightning, users can quickly and effectively do a wide variety of tasks. Such straightforward features not only improve the efficiency of your team’s work, but also promote a more rapid and long-lasting adoption by end users.
The homepage is a highly customizable and often ignored but crucial part of any company’s website. Part of developing for Salesforce Lightning is making a sleek, informative, and highly adaptable landing page. Smarter and more intelligent for users and clients, the platform enables you to build, view, and modify your homepage. Use a personalized Performance Chart to keep track of how well each task is going. You may trust the data presented in these graphs as an in-depth look into the various business operations performed by your team.
Additionally, you can customize your homepage by having a provision for viewing news about your partners, customers, and other relevant entities to stay updated and ahead of the curve.

Build Strong Apps Using Lightning Component:

Develop and deploy powerful applications using the Salesforce environment suitable for businesses belonging to all industries and serving all major purposes. Lightning Components help you create customizable web and mobile applications with an advanced and automated framework. This framework facilitates building strong single-page applications with smart and dynamic user interfaces.
Salesforce Lightning Components allow you to create web and mobile apps without affecting your existing data and typing the codes again. This extends the feature of simple UI provided by Salesforce Lightning development.

Cross-Platform App Development:

Salesforce Lightning development allows you to build mobile and web applications that can be used across multiple platforms. Using the information in your customer relationship management system, you can design apps to better your customers’ shopping experiences and give them individualized care.
If you’re looking for more leeway in how you do business, the Salesforce Lightning app can assist. You get a ready application that can be customized according to your specific business needs and the marketing/sales goals you are willing to attain.

Salesforce Lightning Communities

: Leverage the power of CRM by building organized and interactive Lightning Communities. These communities act as a meeting ground for your clients, partners, and other entities directly or indirectly associated with your organization.
Lightning Communities help different users connect and share valuable information about the CRM platform. Such interactions help them solve their confusion, queries, doubts, and complaints without having to wait for the executives to get involved.

Artificial Intelligence By Einstein

: Salesforce Lightning development includes implementation of the exclusive artificial intelligence tool for Salesforce – Einstein. This tool extends the automated nature of your CRM platform by helping you make sense of your database.
Salesforce Einstein scans your database and helps you in making sales forecasts, predicting customer behavior, handling the sales pipeline, and performing several activities to leverage the overall functionality of your system.

User Adoption Support:

We understand how important it is for your team to switch to the newer and more advanced CRM platform. IAF Business provides you with personalized user adoption support to help your team switch from the native platform to Salesforce Lightning.
Apart from providing training to the Salesforce users, we provide you with Salesforce Responsive Application for improved user adoption. This application slowly helps you get used to the Lightning framework as it makes you perform Salesforce Lightning activities wrapped in a native interface.


There will always be a time when you could use some assistance with Salesforce, no matter how well your deployment goes. Inconsistencies in the system’s ability to complete certain tasks are possible. New platforms and tools may be complicated for your sales staff to learn. While working with Salesforce, you may need assistance with a wide variety of administrative issues, both minor and major.

But with our dedicated Salesforce support services, you can rest assured that your business operations will continue without a hitch.

But with our dedicated Salesforce support services, you can rest assured that your business operations will continue without a hitch.

Among the many types of assistance we offer are:

  • Administration Support Services
  • Data Administration
  • Day-to-day Administration
  • Round-the-cloud System Monitoring
  • Periodic Checkup
  • Help Desk
  • Development Support Services
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • System Upgrades


Our assistance to you can take one of two main forms.

Our Salesforce technical support services are typically requested in a task-based fashion. Our Salesforce consultants will tailor their services to your needs by focusing on a single or set of objectives. IT managers play a crucial role in this process, as they are responsible for approving and keeping tabs on the services.
Our Salesforce support services use a more holistic, needs-based approach. Our staff will evaluate your company’s requirements and tailor the services to meet them. Your company’s managers will play a crucial role in vetting and overseeing these services.
Services for implementing Salesforce, including setup, customization (including platform tweaking and bespoke development), migration, and final integration. We also provide evolution and support services. We aid a wide range of clients in the areas of sales, service, and marketing across sectors including information technology, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance and banking, the public sector, telecommunications, and more.


During this phase of Salesforce consulting, we assess your company’s current requirements and establish the goals that the platform should help you achieve (such as boosting sales rep output, shortening sales cycles, or building a more complete picture of your customers). Then, we discuss in detail how to use Salesforce to accomplish your business objectives, and we consider any customizations or integrations that will be required to make the solution meet your exact specifications. In addition, we meticulously prepare the implementation process to ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule and within the set budget.
We offer two levels of customization and setup for your Salesforce solution, each with their own associated levels of complexity, expense, and change to the underlying platform. To configure Salesforce means to alter its predefined capabilities utilizing mouse-and-tapping interfaces. Customization, on the other hand, is a process of development that lets you further adapt the platform with Apex code if extensive adjustments are needed to achieve business objectives.
We perform integrations to increase insight into data flows across integrated apps and facilitate the smooth operation of your Salesforce solution in tandem with other systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce platforms, and document management systems.
We will transfer your data from your legacy CRM onto the new Salesforce solution without any disruption to your business operations, data corruption, or downtime. If you take the time to analyze and organize your old data before you move it, you’ll have clean, usable data in no time. We create rules of data structuring (such as duplicate rules) to better assist data quality after its migration.
Employee productivity can be increased through better use of Salesforce’s default and custom features, which is why we offer training to users to encourage their adoption of the platform and facilitate their adaptation to the capabilities of the final Salesforce-based solution.
We launch our custom Salesforce-based solutions by migrating them from the development environment to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment, where the customer company’s representatives can test them out and make sure they function as expected. If the client approves the work, IAF Businesses experts will roll out the new Salesforce solution to the client’s workforce in a production setting.
Help after the fact: In the early stages of Salesforce implementation (for example, within the first three months), we offer ad hoc support services. In addition to teaching users (on Salesforce specifically), these services also allow fine-tuning features and adopting actions to boost user acceptance.