Technology will play a crucial role in assisting businesses in meeting new challenges and gaining a competitive edge.

IAF Business has been providing a wide variety of SAP services to clients around the world, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies. We have an impressive set of resources at our disposal, and we’re able to provide our clients with solutions that alter the way their data is interpreted, thereby growing their business.

If you need SAP solutions, we can help you out because we offer full SAP life-cycle services. The SAP business suites that we specialize in include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Service (PS), Financials, Distribution, and Manufacturing. Business Intelligence, Business Information Warehouse, Business Objects, Enterprise Portal, Mobility, TAO, WebDynpro, and Workflow are just some of the new dimension technologies that we specialize in and offer to our clients, along with a wide range of pre-configured solutions tailored specifically to various industries.

In our SAP Practice, we prioritize ensuring that our customers benefit as much as possible from SAP S/4HANA’s ERP and BW upgrade services. We also have consultants available to work at customer sites across the world or at our own global delivery centers in India. The SAP experts at IAF Business bring a wide variety of both technical and functional experience and expertise to the table.

Every single one of IAF Business’ engagements receives the same high-quality service because of the firm’s standardized and well-structured delivery system. Through its various projects, the team learns new techniques and approaches to service delivery, which are then incorporated into the team’s established procedures.

IAF Businesses SAP Services

The SAP business suite is supported in full by IAF Businesses SAP practice, which offers life cycle services. Ability to implement, design, configure, integrate, test, and maintain SAP solutions for an enterprise, as well as advising services to help analyze, choose, and define the SAP transformation roadmap.

Analyzing SAP’s Solutions

To aid corporations in developing a SAP business strategy and transformation road map, IAF Business offers due diligence advisory and assessment services. Transition to the ‘Managed Services Support’ model; Mapping essential business processes to SAP business suite capability; Defining scope to include customization and integration; Implementation approach (global design, distributed delivery, etc.); and Implementation road map.


New implementations, replacement of Legacy Enterprise Systems, consolidation of scattered systems, and the implementation of individual SAP modules within an existing SAP enterprise system are all part of IAF Businesses SAP implementation services. For this, IAF Business employs the utilization of its patented Implementation Delivery Methodology framework, complete with pre-built processes, templates, checklists, etc.

Improved Model

IAF Business constantly maps the functionality and features across specific SAP versions to aid its customers in a meaningful migration to the new version since SAP continually upgrades its existing modules in terms of new architecture, features, functionality, etc.
As a result of differences in end-use business processes, adaptability in adoption, Usability ease, integration, the requirement to develop specific bolt-on solutions, etc., SAP solution is subject to varying degrees of modification for different clients. IAF Business uses its extensive familiarity with SAP architecture and best practices to deliver SAP customization solutions across a wide range of use cases, including but not limited to Reports, Interfaces, Forms, Extensions, Conversions/Migration, etc.

Support for Application Upgrades (AMS)

When compared to in-house maintenance options, IAF Businesses SAP AMS services offer clear benefits to its clients, such as higher service quality and increased productivity. Models for onsite, near-shore, and offshore blended choices for functional, technical, and basic support are provided to customers via the support framework. IAF Businesses SAP Help Desk service makes use of the pool idea to back up widely dispersed SAP client installations across a variety of mid-market verticals and geographic regions.

Analytics and Other Tailored Support

SAP’s constant innovation in this area has resulted in solutions that facilitate rapid client adoption of SAP’s latest game-changing products. IAF Businesses services execute Oracle to Sybase database upgrade, cloud-based solutions, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, and optimization solutions built on SAP HANA, etc., to optimize performance and insight.

Applications Based on S/4 HANA

The SAP S/4HANA business suite is the next generation of enterprise software, designed to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and analytically curious organizations. Faster queries are achieved without the need for expensive single-column indexes or full-table scans, and both OLAP and OLTP workloads can share the same infrastructure.
In order to help businesses succeed, IAF Business provides cutting-edge products and services that exceed client expectations. From SAP HANA setup and migration to cloud integration with Rapid Deployment Solutions, our SAP services portfolio includes cutting-edge technology to meet your needs. We help you unlock the value of your data and prepare your infrastructure for the upcoming wave of digital commerce and data analysis. We can assist you with your transition to S/4HANA by doing a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure.

Methods employed by us include:

With SAP S/4HANA setup and a painless migration from ECC to S/4HANA, IAF Business offers comprehensive support for SAP S/4HANA. With our SAP S/4 HANA setup skills, we can help you cut down on processing times and ongoing maintenance expenses, which includes:

  • Set up a SAP S/4 HANA instance.
  • Turn on the Best Practices Solution.
  • Validate the solution for the customer enterprise using fit / gap analysis for on-premise or private cloud implementation.
  • Fit Standard for Implementing Public Cloud
  • Legacy data migration using the Legacy-data Transaction Migration Cockpit
  • Activate the required Fiori App
  • Create a Custom Fiori App

SAP Cloud Applications Implementation

Cloud technologies have significantly changed the technological and business landscapes, luring users to use the cloud’s capabilities in conjunction with other cutting-edge technologies to alter their businesses. Cloud-based SAP solutions help businesses become more adaptable, scalable, competitive, and ready for the future of digital technology. To provide the capabilities required to finish their digital transformation, several of them are utilizing SAP Cloud.

IAF Businesses, one of the most alluring value propositions for our customers has been the SAP cloud services. We consistently invest in creating expertise, affordable tools, and strategies to help enterprises effectively utilize SAP Cloud-based technologies since we are entirely in line with SAP’s comprehensive cloud strategy. As a provider of SAP services, we encourage our clients to use cloud computing to manage their SAP.

Our approach includes:

IAF Business has extensive industry knowledge that it can use to spur innovation, turn difficult environments into successful digital businesses, and hasten the cloud migration process. We support our customers when they use cloud computing to run their SAP systems.

HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

Implement SAP solutions on HEC, which is a private cloud through the following services:

Basis administration and security operations of SAP on HEC
Implementation of Rapid Deployment Solution upon activated SAP Best Practices
Data Migration
Custom solution development using ABAP
User interface development using Fiori
Personalization of Fiori Apps

HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

For HCP S/4 HANA solution, we help our customers with:

  • Basis security operations of SAP on HEC
  • Data Migration
  • Implementation of Rapid Deployment Solution upon activated SAP Best Practices
  • Personalization of Fiori Apps
(SAP in the cloud) SAP on alternative cloud platforms like Azure or AWS

When using SAP on other cloud platforms, we give customers access to:

  • S/4 HANA On-Premises Solution Installation on a Cloud Platform
  • Basis – OS & DB Administration
  • SAP on HEC Basis Administration and Security Operations
  • Rapid Deployment Solution implementation based on active SAP Best Practices
  • Data Transfer
  • ABAP custom solution development
  • Creation of user interfaces with Fiori
  • Personalization of Fiori Apps