When businesses aim to profit from the insights contained in their data, ETL Testing and Data Warehouse Testing play crucial roles.

We often find that the terms data warehouse (DWH) testing and ETL Testing are used interchangeably as if they were the same when discussing business intelligence quality assurance.

The importance of data storage rises further as businesses realize the advantages of data-driven, business-decision making. Data warehouse performance, scalability, and reliability are all bolstered by an ETL process that can consistently extract, transform, cleanse, and load data from source systems during normal operation.

Data quality issues are typically introduced at an early point in the process, at one of the several warehouse development phases. Rapid development and deployment schedules might increase the likelihood of flaws being introduced unintentionally into fast-track projects.

Through IAF Businesses Data Warehouse and ETL Testing Services, your team will be equipped with the knowledge, guidance, and practise they need to test thoroughly throughout the requirements, design, and deployment phases, thereby preventing defects from ever occurring. Our mission is to supply your team with a comprehensive Software Quality Analysis procedure (SQA – including a Data Warehousing Testing Strategy/Approach, System Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Schedule, Defect Reports, and Metrics). Furthermore, as a leading QA firm, we will assist your company in reducing costs and risks by assisting in the early detection of defects (including those related to database design, source data, the ETL process, and data quality).

Solutions Proposed

Key Challenges that we solve

The process of testing a data warehouse is intricate and difficult. When constructing a data warehouse, you should look out for the following potential problems:

  • Integrity of the Data
  • Alteration of Data
  • Testing for Regression on Data Quality
  • These tests, which compare enormous amounts of data, can only be run efficiently if they are automated.
ETL & DWH Testing tools

A variety of resources help us meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, such as:

  • Informatica Data Validation
  • Data Centric Testing
  • RightData
  • QuerySurge
  • QualiDI
  • TestBench
  • GTL QAceGen
  • Datagaps ETL Validator

Each of ETL’s three phases (extract, transformation, and load) requires its own unique set of tests.

Data extraction tests checks are:
  • Each source system grants permission for the data extraction code to access the system.
  • The time stamping and audit logs of extracted data are updated.
  • All extraction logic for all source systems operates as expected, and data can be extracted from all required fields.
  • Everything from the point of origin to the final location of the extraction process is functioning properly.
  • The time required to finish each extraction has been met.
Data loading testing might check are:
  • Neither deletion nor alteration of data occurs during loading.
  • Everything about the loading-time transformations works as advertised.
  • There is no loss of information between the staging and loading phases.
  • Data capture for changes can be performed with incremental loading.
  • Logs of transactions and timestamps are kept for auditing purposes.
  • Timeliness of load completion is maintained.