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In order to better serve you, we have divided our professional services into two broad categories.

  • Services for Businesses Consulting Businesses
  • Employment Agency

Services for Businesses

While certain industries, including business services, are thriving in the wake of the expansion, others are struggling to keep up. It’s no secret that CEOs are scrutinizing their operations in an effort to reach growth ambitions. They should examine ways to simplify their operations in order to better adapt to shifting market conditions and take advantage of cost savings potential.
In order to keep up with the needs of their customers, businesses will need to develop fresh approaches to service delivery. Future success will depend on the company’s ability to make effective use of technology and to better manage its most valuable resource: its people.

Our implementation services are made to help you confidently roll out your IAF Business solution, shorten the time it takes to see results, and lower the potential downsides of doing so. You can rest assured that our professionals will plan, validate, and implement your deployment according to the highest standards in the industry. Because IAF Business certification training is included in every implementation services package, you’ll also have certified Absolute specialists on your team after we’re done. Our cooperation with original equipment manufacturers like Oracle and Salesforce allows us to provide excellent support.

Assistance with Optimization
If you go with IAF Business, you won’t have to worry about getting the necessary equipment. However, you’ll need the proper means to manage and protect your endpoints. If you have a big or complex deployment, our Professional Services team can help you manage and secure your assets. Asset management, technical account management, and certification training are all part of what we offer as optimization services.

Services with a Unique Twist
When a company has specific, unusual, or difficult service needs, they can turn to our Professional Services team for assistance. We’re aware that not everyone responds well to “radical” ideas. We also know that you can’t make a round hole round. Instead, a IAF Business expert will learn about your company so they can tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.

Our experts will work with you to create the ideal setting, whether that means integrating with your current business apps, automating routine security tasks and reports, or something else entirely.

Consultation Services
Customers expect more for less every year. Making creative adjustments to your business model is essential if you want to keep costs down while maintaining or improving service quality. Senior consultants at IAF Business have the practical knowledge to guide your company through these shifts in the law and ensure its continued success.

Our consulting services are grounded in the practical knowledge of our transformation consultants and domain specialists, who have worked in a variety of industries. The help they provide consists of:

Create a business case for change by letting us apply our specialized tools to your company’s legal and commercial procedures to help you find ways to boost output, quality, and the level of service you provide to your customers.
Establish service-level standards, baseline metrics, and governance mechanisms to guarantee continuous, high-quality service with our aid.
Conceive of and implement innovative operational models; we will work with you to develop a strategy that takes into account your needs and your tolerance for change.
Use tools, experience, and scalable account teams to overcome obstacles; we’ve been in your shoes before and can help you find the optimal solution for your specific situation.
We will work with you to properly announce upcoming changes to your personnel and implement them after careful planning and preparation. We know how to handle changes gracefully in the event of a workforce reduction.

Staffing Services

Building a responsive and flexible IT capability to support growth is difficult for businesses as they try to keep up with the newest trends and competitive developments. A technological edge is not sufficient to guarantee success in business. How technology is implemented, specifically who does it and how effective they are, is a key differentiator.

IAF Business Staffing Services has established itself as a frontrunner among similar businesses. IAF Business Staffing Services has been assisting businesses in finding the ideal candidate in a timely and cost-effective manner since the year 2000.

Staffing Services can help you fill both temporary and permanent positions with qualified workers. This is true whether you need just one person or a whole team. We have a rigorous hiring process.

IAF Business is a reliable source for contract and full-time technology specialists. Our ability to rapidly discover essential professionals provides a competitive advantage for our business partners. Our proprietary “Screen and Submit” process allows us to accomplish this. We will make an effort to learn what you need and then provide the resources that are tailor-made to your specific situation, which should result in higher-quality applications.

IAF only hires IT professionals since we’re dedicated to providing our clients with in-depth hiring solutions.

The Appropriate Knowledge, Abilities, and Experience At an Appropriate Price
To better serve our clients, our recruitment team is always on the lookout for qualified candidates with the experience and expertise to help our clients quickly.

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