A broad range of advising abilities, knowledge, and design-thinking capabilities to guide your transformation path driven by Oracle.

IAF Business offers clients in a variety of industry sectors access to significant experience in Oracle Applications. We use technology, people, and processes to implement solutions rather than just software. We use our in-depth knowledge of Oracle technology to facilitate effective on-prem & cloud implementations as well as migrations from legacy ERP platforms, which in turn helps us to drive business solutions, process development, and organizational change. We keep developing and broadening our knowledge base while providing the best professional services possible across all major industries.

Oracle On-Premises products:

We recognize that not every organization is ready or able to switch to the cloud at this time.

We are professionals at managing E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards upgrades, modernizations, and implementations.

We are aware that enterprises may be struggling with intricate integrations, interdependencies, rigid architectures, redundant systems, and antiquated technologies.

We can bring the following to table:

Assist you in making plans to maximize your current Oracle on-premises investment.
Help you relocate or modernize to maximize business value and increase flexibility.
Provide essential services for upgrading your on-premises solution and guiding you in utilizing the newest features.

The Oracle E-Business Suite

is a completely integrated, all-inclusive set of business applications for the enterprise. It covers all aspect of the enterprise’s value chain functions and offers functional best practices and industry-specific features. Because of its modular design, which gives customers the freedom to implement it however best suits their unique business needs, it is the most customer-focused application available. For instance, businesses can choose to implement just one module, several modules, a specific combination of modules, or the entire suite. Due to its ability to operate internationally while adhering to local regulations, Oracle E-Business Suite is the most flexible platform for international business. Being expandable and offering industry-specific capabilities for those on a tight budget, Oracle E-Business is regarded as the most complete package.

We offer the following support options for Oracle Applications:

Implementation Services for Oracle On-Premise Solutions
Consulting and Software Development for the ODBC
Information migration services for Oracle EBS
Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade Application
Performance Evaluation of Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Services (Support Services)
Oracle EBS Database Administrator Services
Oracle ERP Reporting Customization OBI Legacy Systems Implementation and Oracle EBS Business Intelligence (BI)
Data warehousing, data mining, and Oracle Database administration the restructuring of business processes EDI integration with Oracle EBS and implementation of Oracle ASCP (Advance Supply Chain Planning)
Oracle’s Agile PLM Installation for JD Edwards
Effective Resource Management with Oracle Application Support and Maintenance

Oracle Cloud solutions:

We are the industry leaders in guiding Oracle workload migration to the cloud. Our team has helped clients adopt new deployment methods like SaaS and PaaS, and we have implemented cutting-edge technologies like Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). We have extensive experience integrating Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft environments.

Oracle’s enterprise cloud applications cover ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), CX (customer experience), FCM (financial close), and EPM (enterprise performance). These apps facilitate the achievement of strategic corporate goals and operational efficiencies through the use of standardized business processes and corporate Intelligence dashboards.

Innovation and expansion are fostered by technology, which is at the heart of many modern company transitions. IAF Business is ideally suited to assist you in taking your organization to the next level of performance thanks to our extensive expertise in Oracle products like as Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Analytics, and Autonomous Database.

Our support for clients exceeds that of Cloud. To accomplish these goals, we are here to assist you:

The transition from on-premises to cloud computing is an opportunity to make the most of your Oracle Enterprise Applications investment and bring your company into the digital age.

Oracle Cloud: Planning, Migrating, Configuring, Deploying, and Optimizing Your Enterprise Applications
The Oracle Cloud applications and technology are nothing new to our seasoned implementation team.

SaaS applications hosted on Oracle’s cloud
Provided on an as-needed basis, Oracle PaaS
Cloud computing with Oracle’s IaaS
Cloud-hosted Oracle DBaaS.
Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Solution
Cloud-Based Oracle Analytical Service
Management of Organizational Performance

Oracle’s HCM Cloud for Human Resource Management HCM Cloud provides a straightforward strategy to modernize your business and maximize the potential of your staff. IAF Business’s HCM installation services include a wide range of features.

The problems that Oracle HCM Cloud can fix are as follows.

  • Global Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Management & Rewards
  • Payroll
  • HCM Analytics

Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

IAF Business Cloud CX Solution can be used in tandem with other essential tools without any disruptions. Use a coexistence plan and an out-of-the-box sales function to kick off your cloud shift. Included in our suite of CX services are:

  • Sales & Services
  • Marketing
  • Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ)
  • Customer Data Management
  • CRM Analytics

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

IAF Business collaboration with Oracle to deliver the SCM Cloud paves the way for rapid innovation, speedy execution, and accelerated value chain scalability. Business process transformation is made easier with the help of IAF Business’s SCM Experts. Features of our SCM Cloud Service:

  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Maintenance

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud:

Organizations may take command of their operations and focus on meeting strategic goals with the help of an EPM system that monitors enterprise performance to boost overall business efficacy. To guarantee timely reporting, financial transparency and integrity, and quick closing and forecasting cycles, our EPM Cloud professionals will assist you in migrating and transforming your financial processes.

Among the features of our EPM Cloud are:

  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
  • Enterprise Performance Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Financial Consolidation and Close