Integrating your data, processes, and applications will allow you to make more informed decisions.

Since information and work can now be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device, communication platforms are more vital than ever. As businesses shift their focus to their customers, they are placing a greater emphasis on portal and collaboration solutions to streamline their information, processes, and communications. Enterprises can’t show their competitive differentiation without portals and cooperation.

IAF Business offers a wide variety of services and products that work together seamlessly. Within an organization with many different nationalities and languages, our portal and collaboration solutions practice help to create a unified network of people, data, and processes.

We have a specialized group of licensed consultants who offer unique strategies for companies to conduct business online. Our specialists in your field will use cutting-edge methods throughout your entire project. We plan out a full portal strategy, from design to infrastructure evaluation through deployment and beyond.

IAF Business provides a comprehensive solution for workplace collaboration using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

IAF Businesses expert Portal & Collaboration services include

  1. An examination of prerequisites and necessities.
  2. Changes made while moving to a newer version or upgrading.
  3. Consulting.
  4. Designing/Architecting.
  5. Making Internal Web Portals.
  6. Developing BI Dashboards is a skill.
  7. Management of Approval Workflows.
  8. Rapidly Integrated Searches.
  9. Development of Tools for Managing Information and Data.
  10. Compatibility with the enterprise’s existing solutions
  11. Data and content management system deployment.
  12. Facilitating Workshops for Evaluation.
  13. Training.
  14. Management and assistance following an implementation.

Businesses require solutions that can be scaled.

Businesses require scalable options for enterprise-wide communication and information sharing, as well as for managing knowledge, content, documents, and the like through portals. Collectively, they serve as catalysts for bridging gaps between individuals, organizations, and data. Our services are based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and will help you accomplish the goals listed below and more.

  • Help workers get their hands on the data they need to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.
  • Self-service for customers or partners, allowing outsourcing by giving business partners access to a collaboration environment or company data on an extranet are all examples of how you can make the transfer of work easier and more efficient between business units.
  • Streamline the process of locating reliable sources of data by providing a centralized “one-stop-shop.”
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration within the company by making electronic publishing a breeze to use.
  • Accelerate “time to talent,” or the rate at which new hires begin contributing.
  • Promote the widespread application of lessons learned so that effective procedures can be replicated across departments, functions, and locations.
  • Provide a uniform user interface across all company apps to cut down on training time and costs.
  • Reduce proposal and contract turnaround times by simplifying access to reused assets.
  • Streamline access to vital data and institutional knowledge to boost organizational learning.
  • Customer service may be improved by giving customers easy access to relevant information.
  • Having a place for teams to communicate and keep information digitally in a centralized, easily searchable location can greatly enhance the efficiency with which projects are completed.
  • Knowledge The lack of standardized methods to record and disseminate company data has a negative impact on employees. Daily challenges include information overload, uncontrolled email attachments, company data stuck in silos, inconsistent record versions, and poor formatting. The four Cs (communication, collaboration, consolidation, and consistency) are what corporate portals are designed to aid with.