Product development involves more than design and engineering.

Our product strategy guides you through the whole product engineering journey, from concept to implementation. Our digital strategists develop innovative ideas in collaboration with our clients and promptly validate them by producing proofs of concept. We provide a product transformation roadmap that helps you design the optimal solution, tailored to your business circumstances, by leveraging our deep subject understanding and past experiences.

To create and sustain a successful product strategy, we collaborate with product leaders to:

  • Recognize market and consumer dynamics and trends
  • Identify and compare market competitors’ offerings
  • Keep up with technical trends.
  • Examine industry drivers and financial aspects
  • Define and prioritize strategic choices for action.
  • Decisions should be communicated throughout the organization.
  • Have tenacity and faith in the long-term product plan.

Our Approach to Product Strategy

  • Targeted Market Analysis
  • Drawing up an Empathy Map
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Use-Cases Technologies, Platforms, and Solutions Stakeholder Mapping
  • Models of Pricing and Revenue
  • Collaboration Ecosystem
  • Architecture of a Product
  • Platforms for Digital Content
  • Embedded Security Hardware Systems
  • Prototyping & MVP Strategy for Proof of Concept
  • Product Testing via Automation
  • Quality Control Automation
  • Engineering Reliability
  • Support for Connected Services
  • Customer Usage Monitoring