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IAF Business streamlines its IT operations and abandons its reliance on antiquated IT management systems, methods, and solutions because it recognizes the vital importance of a platform transition in the service management tools and capabilities. Our infrastructure services help businesses move more quickly towards digital mastery.

By centralizing an organization’s workflows and automation processes in the cloud, ServiceNow streamlines its enterprise service operations. The system may transform and modernize a business since it integrates strategy, design, transition, and operation with continuing management.

ServiceNow’s Business Process Management, Case Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Operations, and Support applications are all built on a single platform-as-a-service that provides a consistent and intuitive user experience throughout the entire IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service lifecycle.

To make sure your company maximizes income and minimizes downtime, we can assist you in getting the most out of the ServiceNow platform. Strategic planning, process design, and the timely delivery of large-scale projects are all areas in which our architects, developers, and engineers excel.

To help businesses realize innovation and business value with ServiceNow as a service, IAF Business offers unparalleled talent, experience, and global scale. Through the automation and management of IT service relationships across the global enterprise, our team contributes to the transformation of IT. By using ServiceNow with the assistance of our seasoned staff, you can streamline IT operations by eliminating manual processes, creating uniformity across the board, and migrating data from disparate systems onto a unified database.

IAF Business include

ServiceNow Consulting

Whether you’re having trouble expanding ServiceNow to more areas of your business or need help figuring out how to map your needs to ServiceNow’s functionality, we’re here to help. We offer both one-time consultations and continuing improvement efforts, as well as the technical expertise to overcome these obstacles.

ServiceNow Implementation (ITSM Driven):

If you need assistance with your ServiceNow project, please contact us. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve upon your current platform, we can help. Our ServiceNow implementation services include everything from initial platform setup to complex integrations and migration projects, from simple ticketing systems to comprehensive IT service management platforms.

ServiceNow Customization

We provide the technical support you need to tailor ServiceNow to the specific needs of your company. We perform back-end and client-side logic, code-level integrations, and access settings in addition to standard platform setup and tweaks that do not involve modifying the source code.

Custom ServiceNow App Development

Although the existing ServiceNow functionality offering is extremely rich, you can still miss some apps or features. For example, the product you need may be included in the more expensive functionality package, and buying it because of one app would be too wasteful. Or you don’t think that using one of your purchased apps is sensible because you are dissatisfied with the concept behind it. A custom ServiceNow application is always a good way out for such occasions. Our certified ServiceNow application developers will analyze your functionality requirements, and design and deliver the app in a reasonable time frame.

ServiceNow Testing

Our licensed group of test engineers will put your ServiceNow solution through its paces to find any issues and make necessary adjustments. ServiceNow’s capabilities, integrations, performance, security, usability, and data quality are all extensively tested to ensure they meet your standards.

ServiceNow Support

IAF Business ServiceNow professionals can offer maintenance and troubleshooting assistance to keep your system running smoothly and easily. These tasks range from monitoring system parameters to fixing issues as they arise in real time and providing basic user support.

ServiceNow Managed Services

If you’d want to use ServiceNow without having to worry about its performance or newly discovered bugs, IAF Business can become your ServiceNow managed services provider. We will be responsible for all aspects of system management, including upkeep, performance, security, upgrades, and user assistance.