Quicker market entry is possible with the correct quality assurance plan.

IAF BUSINESS Assurance Services understands that each enterprise’s QA division faces distinct issues. The correct QA strategy can enhance product quality, shorten release cycle times, and keep QA expenditures under control. Verification and validation can consume up to 40% of software development resources, making it difficult to reconcile time-to-market and cost limitations. There is a larger chance of manufacturing quality concerns, increased maintenance costs, and customer unhappiness if enough testing is not performed.

Our Assurance Services are designed to assist clients in meeting their testing requirements while saving testing time and effort. Our domain experience, frameworks, tools, and techniques enable clients to improve the efficiency of their software development lifecycle and achieve the required business outcome. We provide nondisruptive, agile, digital, standardized, and transformative solutions to clients, transforming ideas into revenue-generating products and services.

We provide specialized guidance to help clients achieve QA objectives and advance to the next level of QA maturity. We examine current test organizations and map them to the TMMI model using the TMMI Based Assessment. Our customized solutions address current business demands while also aligning with future goals, allowing businesses to succeed in an uncertain world.

Our Test Advisory & Consulting services include

Test Consulting
TCoE Setup