In order to give itself logic and independent thought, AI goes to cognitive science.

Our company’s Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science team provides remarkable possibilities for clients to create innovative digital services and transition into digital enterprises. Cognitive services powered by AI let businesses turn raw data into high-quality, individualized offerings.

The combination of our in-depth industry knowledge with automation, advanced analytics, and cognitive and AI technologies allows businesses to function with greater speed and efficiency across all departments, paving the way for rapid expansion.

Our services are

Analyzing Videos and Images

Reduce the need for human labor and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of routine business processes by gleaning useful information from visual media.

  • Face recognition and person detection
  • OCR Scene Comprehension
  • Image Tagging for Object Detection
Natural Language Recognization

Make use of text analysis to decipher sentiment, intent, concepts, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and more by developing bespoke APIs.

  • Conversational Interfaces/ Chatbots
  • Speech / Voice Recognition
  • Text Mining
  • Information Extraction
  • Questioning or Answering
  • Search & Retrieval
Augmented and virtual reality

With the help of virtual reality and augmented reality, businesses can provide their customers with useful and engaging experiences that make every encounter feel more tailored to their needs.

  • Data visualization in VR
  • Fashion / Retail
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive
  • Augmented Maps