Putting one's attention on making sure a product or service works as promised and is stable and reliable.

IAF company will collaborate with clients in the early stages of SDLC to prevent defects and identify defects early, lowering overall testing expenses, rework costs, and improving quality. IAF business will use a disciplined testing approach and will rely on industry-standard testing techniques, tools, test accelerators, and methodologies. Our structured and risk-based regression testing approach assures that new features or enhancements have no unexpected influence on application quality.

Each stage of the Software Testing lifecycle is meticulously planned and implemented. Under our Functional Test service, we commit to the following outcomes:

Meeting all technical requirements

The release is free of bugs.

Detailed test documentation to facilitate the addition of new features

Knowledge transmission across teams is a simple process.

Our Quality assurance services include

  • Requirements Ambiguity Testing
  • Business Process Testing
  • Manual & Automated Testing
  • Smoke & System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • API/Web services testing
  • Globalization and Localization testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Data Verification Testing
  • Understanding the functional requirements
  • Detailed requirements review and functional prioritization
  • Design test strategy and test plan

Prepare test scenarios

  • Review test scenarios
  • Test scenario sign off

Prepare test cases along with test data

  • Review test cases
  • Test cases sign off

Do Impact analysis and evaluate test readiness

  • Execute smoke test