Early-stage product development can be risk-free with Creation Design Services.

The development of new products is a complex process that requires significant study as well as excellent planning and communication.

When end-user requirements are not sufficiently understood, elegant engineering design is rendered meaningless. Without a business market to support it, brilliant industrial design is pointless.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or the head of a Fortune 100 company’s R&D team, you must be able to define your opportunity, assess the viability of your idea, and offer the proof-of-concept required to get funds and resources.

Our product strategy guides you through the whole product engineering journey, from ideation to implementation. Our digital strategists develop innovative ideas in collaboration with our clients and promptly validate them by producing proofs of concept. We provide a product transformation roadmap that helps you design the optimal solution, tailored to your business circumstances, by leveraging our deep subject understanding and past experiences.

How our company can help you?


  • Designing and manufacturing complicated products involves numerous risk considerations, especially for life-sustaining and mission-critical applications.
  • Market and user research is critical for economic viability and FDA approval in highly regulated areas such as healthcare.
  • It is important to identify and manage risks as early in the process as possible.
  • Creation Design Services has decades of expertise working with scientists and research specialists, corporate stakeholders, and end users.
  • The company uses a human-centered approach to gather precise needs and market data.
  • The team conducts comprehensive analysis of the data to gain a deeper understanding of the problem and identify potential solutions.
  • This approach helps ensure that the final product meets user needs and is effective and safe to use.
  • By working with Creation Design Services, clients can benefit from the company’s expertise and experience in risk management, market and user research, and product design and development.


  • We can be as involved in the early stages of design and development as you like, just as with any of our other services at Creation Technologies.
  • We offer comprehensive Product Strategy support, from high-level strategy advice to in-depth business cases including scenario, cost, and competitive analyses and suggestions.